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Last year, I officially started an African American book business.  A number of you may
recall that 7-8 years ago I experimented with selling books at several African American
conferences; now after much positive feedback and favorable circumstances, it is a full time
Current Event:
Join me in Richmond for the Virginia Genealogical Society conference on April 28th where I
will present 4 lectures and have a vendor booth with new and used African American
books.  VGS will be assisting researchers on the 27th at the Library of Virginia

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Ten Great Books:
Undoubtedly there are many books of significant value available to those researching
African Americans.   After much "mulling and pondering" I have come up with ten that I
believe every researcher and library/society supporting this type of research should
endeavor to obtain.   I have also thrown in a few honorable mentions.  
African American Books & Programs
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