African Americans who made the transition from the rural South to the urban cities of
the North were often recruited by large employers for factory work, while others
engaged in the same occupations as in their previous locale,  working as barbers,
domestics, teamsters, etc.  Through the use of World War I registration cards it is
possible to get a snapshot, if you will, of the employment patterns of a particular area.  
This was done for Zanesville as part of a presentation given in 2005.  The listing is
sorted alphabetically by employer name.  

**several city directories from the time period were used to verify some unreadable data,
as well as ascertain new information.  A complete extraction of names/occupations from
a directory would add immeasurably to this list, as it would expand the pool of workers
to include those outside of the draft-eligible age range.

**This work was done in Microsoft Excel.  If you would like a copy of the list sorted
by employee you can contact me at and make a
Zanesville, Ohio Employers

Employer/Employee List

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